Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Books, books, books!

Considering i failed to make it through a whole book last year, the fact that i've read four already in 2015 is very pleasing to me. Granted they have all been, lets say memoirs, i still feel it's a step in the right direction. I'm not going to review the books as i don't feel qualified to really articulate (maybe reading more books would help) what i would want to say. That being said i'd recomend all the books i have read so far, which are;

Amy Poehler - Yes Please
Lena Dunham - Not that kind of girl
Tina Fey - Bossypants
Caitlin Moran - How to be a Woman

If i'm honest Lena Dunham's was my least favourite, i found it quite underwhelming, but like i said, i would recommend people read all these books if they get the chance. I have a lot more books lined up and i think that's why i haven't really been blogging much this year. I've been concentrating on reading and making lots of things for myself. Fox Bunting has really taken a backseat and i'm quite enjoying having the time to make clothes (two dresses) and finish off little projects around the house that i have been meaning to do for some time. Hopefully i will get round to blogging about all my projects, but i quite like not having the pressure to do that at the minute. For now, here's a really cute photo of Margot.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Just an update

I feel like i've been so busy recently but can't think of much to blog about. Our main priority has been getting Margot back to full health. I'm happy to say she is 100 times better than when i spoke about her in my January goals post. She is yet to have another seizure which is amazing and makes me calm in the knowledge that the medication she is on is working. This week we are lowering her dosage but it is hard for us all knowing she will be on the pills for the rest of her life.
We have managed to have some fun though! We had friends over a couple of weeks back and took a nice trip out to Saltaire, visiting the lovely Salt's Mill. We don't visit there nearly enough, we spent an age looking through all the books/magazines and artwork before stopping for some tea and cake.

Last weekend was also an important weekend with Saturday being Richard's 31st birthday! I made him this chocolate cake with caramel and chocolate buttercream. It went down well.
We kicked off celebrations at a restaurant we've been wanting to go to for ages, Prashad. It's an Indian Vegetarian restaurant just outside of Leeds and was one half of the collaboration between itself and The Sparrow Bier cafe to form Bundobust (one of our favourite places to eat ever). We were not disappointed. Here i am enjoying the incredibly large Mysore Dosa.
That was our Friday night 'just the two of us meal', on Saturday we went bowling and had yet another meal, but this time with friends. It was ace. Here is a drag portrait of Richard that his friend painted for him, doesn't he look fishy?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Working Out

This isn't just a New Year thing, i've been attending Spinning classes and yoga since September now. However i'm still wearing the same old trainers i can't even remember buying, for around £7 years ago, they're not pretty and they're not really fit for purpose. So i know this is a bit of a weird one, but i've been swooning over some new work-out gear for the past couple of weeks. I thought i'd share some of my favourites.

Fabletics is a great place to start. If you sign up for the VIP membership you get your first whole outfit for £22. You then take a lifestyle quiz so they can pick out outfits for you every month. If you don't want to buy anything that month you can just skip it without obligation to pay. Just make sure you remember to skip. I'm currently loving the Salar Legging.
And these Spacedye Performance Leggings from Anthropoligie.

Sweaty Betty is also a good website but can be quite expensive. I love this Infinity Bra.
Unfortunately, for my bank balance i'm drawn to all the Nike clothing/shoes and love loads of their gear. I love these NIKE AIR ZOOM STRUCTURE 18
They have loads of amazing leggings and tops too, but i can't even look at them yet. Luckily for me we have a Sports Direct in the city centre and i can get loads of bargains from them! Like these Nike Flex 4 Trainers
And these Nike Dart 10 Running shoes

If i'm working out, i wanna at least look good (ish).

Friday, 2 January 2015

Goal's for 2015

So we all know how this goes, firstly i'll look at my goals for 2014 and see if I met any or all of them...

I always do separate goals for Fox Bunting and my personal life, so here was the Fox Bunting goals for last year;

- Blog at least once a week. Hmm, well with this goal i always start the year really well and i did and this continued up until about September when it gets really busy at work and i'm constantly making orders for Christmas and this year, preparing for a craft fair, so i don't think i did too bad.
- Come up with two more head designs.
I'm happy to say i managed this and we now have the Flamingo and Swan, the Flamingo being especially popular.

- Use social media even more. I'm not gonna pretend, this did not happen in 2014 and i don't think it'll happen in 2015 either. I just can't get to grips with twitter and i think Facebook and this blog are enough for me.
- Prepare for Christmas even sooner. Yeah i did this. I managed to start preparing in about July/August and it felt great, especially when it came round to the Bust Craftacular in December.

Now for my personal goals in 2014...

- Make more things for myself. I started well with this one, setting myself to crochet ten blankets in 2014. I managed two, not great no, but in my defence the second one i made took forever! I think this goal is going to be one that i'm constantly rolling over, but it's quite a nice one to have.
- Finish paying off my overdraft. I've definitely not paid this off fully but i'm getting there. I don't want to completely skint myself and still want to go on holidays and stuff so that's why it's taking me so long to pay it off in full.
- Start swimming a bit more. We did this. We joined the gym at my work and were both going swimming 2-3 times a week, but in July/September time the pool closed due to refurbishment and we haven't been since. I took up Spinning and yoga and that has been taking up most of mine time.
- Get a dog. I'm really sad this still hasn't happened, but we've decided we really shouldn't get one until we've found the right house to buy, not many landlords will let you have a dog in a rented house.
- Learn to drive. Disappointingly I didn't even attempt this one. I am really going to give this one a good go this year, i just wish it wasn't so expensive!

Now for 2015. Well 2014 didn't end so well with my precious little girl Margot getting rushed to the vets after suffering two very severe fits. After lots of medication and a night in the hospital Margot is making progress at home, but has a long way to go and may have to live with epilepsy for the rest of her life. Here she is looking sorry for herself with her bandage on. Having a poorly cat is scary, so my wish for 2015 is for Margot and all my friends and family to be happy and healthy!

I think my Fox Bunting goals for 2015 are going to be quite short. I think Fox Bunting is about as big as it can be whilst i work full time and I am happy with just dipping my toe into the handmade, DIY business pond. Saying that, i do have a few things i want to do.

- Come up with two more head designs. Usually i have a couple of ideas in the pipeline for this, but at the minute with everything thats going, I'm just waiting for something to come to me. I'm thinking a pig, goat or bear.
- Look into other product ranges. I currently have the mounted heads and the brooches, maybe i could do whole animals on plinths, or smaller things, maybe make little figurines. Who knows? But i look forward to doing some experimenting this year.
- Sell at more Craft Fairs. For the last couple of years, to be honest, i've been trying to avoid craft fairs, the last few seemed like more trouble than they were worth but after selling at the BUST Craftacular in December, i've decided to be open to a few more but to be much more picky with which i decide to sell at.
- Keep the blog updated. I've done really well with this for the past year so just want to carry on the good work. Hopefully i'll have loads of fun things to share with the world.

Now for my personal goals. The first three are all sort of based around money, which is a bit sad but are all things that are really important to me.

- Learn to drive. As you know this was one from last year that i didn't even attempt. Well i can tell you that this afternoon i have sent off for a replacement provisional licence, which i have lost and I have until September next year (when it expires) to pass my test.
- Buy a house. This is a big one, probably the biggest it gets but we have been looking at buying since about last June. We have yet to find something suitable. We have been lucky enough to get a deposit together and even though this is a massive commitment, we're ready when the right house comes along.
- Get a dog. This is another old goal and is also dependent on the previous goal. There's even talk about us getting another cat for Margot to have some company but after paying for Margot's vets bills over the past few days, this is something we really need to think about. I still love Border Terriers but we are also toying with the idea of getting a Whippet.
- Keep to my yoga/spinning regime. From about September last year i really got into Spinning and Yoga classes at the gym at work and i want to continue both. I especially love Spinning and the energy it gives me, so i hope to keep attending. I also plan on adding to my regime and hopefully getting back into swimming and squash.
- Read more.
I never read but i actually love reading! I started so many books last year and never finished them. It's mainly because whenever i have a spare minute i spend it crocheting or writing this blog. Last year i started Morrissey's autobiography, Lena Dunham's Not that Kind of Girl and Caitlin Moran's How to be a woman. For Christmas i received Amy Poehler's Yes please, an amazing Wes Anderson book and Little Women and Little Princess from the Puffin in Bloom series that Rifle Paper Co. designed. As you can see i've got a lot to get through and hopefully they'll all be finished by 2016.

- Try not to get so stressed, especially at work and remember how lucky I am. This ones a bit lame, but sometimes i do work myself up a bit too much, especially at work and i just need to remember that nobody died and that issues can usually be resolved. It's not often, but sometimes i take my work home with me and i do not want it to spoil my time at home with Richard and Margot. I work for the weekends and i wanna enjoy them as much as i can.

And they're more goals for 2015, i hope it's a good one!

Monday, 22 December 2014

My Year in Photo's 2014

Every New Year i take a look back at the previous years goals and i think about what i'd like t achieve in the year ahead. I really enjoy doing this as it is a great way for me to reflect. I've decided this year though to start looking back on the year in photo's too. I take photo's all the time and i'm constantly looking back over them so i'm not sure why i haven't done this before. Here goes.

January started with an ace New Year's Eve party at my friends house but i think we were all having so much fun that we forgot to take any photo's! We did however get a couple of photo's the evening before NYE, when we went out for a meal with some lovely friends.

February saw Richard reach the big 30 and i took him to Berlin for a long weekend. It was freezing but we loved it and hope to get chance to have another trip there next year.
After Berlin i had a much needed catch up with my girls.
March was quite a quiet month, but we headed out to Temple Newsam to see all the baby animals.
It was also Mother's Day.
April saw the first of my friends birthday celebrations with us having a good old fashioned house party!
May was a biggie starting with a reunion with Richard's University friends.
We also went to see Prince at the Leeds Arena and it was incredible!
We then jetted off on our second holiday to Barcelona where we had the best time at Primavera festival. It was so hard to pick only a few photo's for this because there were plenty of great ones.
June we saw more animals and went to my friend Amy's Wedding.
July we became the faces of Karaoke in Leeds
and we enjoyed the Tour de France.
We also had an amazing girls night out for Sara's birthday.
August we took a week off and went on some ace days out. This was when we discovered the York Bird of Prey Centre and it became our favourite day out in Yorkshire!
We also travelled down to Cornwall (my first time) for Ricard's sisters Wedding, it was a lovely day!
This month was also Lauren's birthday and we had a fun night out in Grimsby.
September was our Anniversary month and we celebrated it at our favourite place to eat, Bundobust.
We also had some of Richards best friends over for the weekend, we had a wonderful time, i think they did too, even though we look miserable in the below photo.
October was another quiet month sat on the sofa, crocheting my Christmas orders.
The best thing to come out of November was the photo below from Becci's early birthday night out, i love these girls.
And finally
December. So far it has consisted of surprise parties, craft fairs and Christmas tree's.
December isn't over and i have my birthday in two days so i'm sure there's a lot more to look forward to before the New Year. I honestly could've chosen thousands more photo's but these are just some of my favourites. Looking back it's nice to see that 2014 was a pretty good year!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

BUST Craftacular Islington Metal Works

I was so excited to be accepted onto the BUST Craftacular fair this year, held at Islington Metal Works. I haven't had a stall at a fair for i think about two years now, so it was good opportunity to show off some of my new products and to meet people! The Metal Works itself was an amazing space (not sure what they normally use it for) but if you're familiar with Leeds it was like a bigger Wharf Chambers, a sort of industrial art/music/bar place. I totally forgot to take any pictures so i stole the one below from my friend Sophie.
I arrived later than i had hoped as we're not used to the horrendous London traffic but as we pulled up, there were people queuing round the corner to get in, which was a good sign. I think over 1,000 people turned up which is a great turn out and i managed to do really well, selling out of my Walrus heads almost immediately. At the same time i was getting online orders through my Not on The High Street. The drive to London and back in one day was very tiring but was definitely worth it!
That's nearly it for Christmas now, i'm going to close my shop on Friday for the last orders until the January sales. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has looked at, laughed at, pinned, shared, liked or even bought any of my products, there is nothing better than knowing people love what you're doing and i really appreciate all the support. For now i'm going to return to crocheting blankets for a bit and look forward to seeing what happens for Fox Bunting in 2015.